Bruiser Brody is a primary source biography. Hear friends and family tell the story of Frank Goodish, who transformed himself into the greatest hardcore wrestler of the 1970's and 80's, “Bruiser Brody.” Enter the locker room with the author and listen in as Brody's friends, enemies, contemporaries, and scholars remember the wrestling legend. Nearly one hundred sources share their stories and memories, completing a vivid picture of this multi-faceted man.

Brody was an outlaw and rebel, a family man, a loyal friend and a formidable enemy. Many wrestlers looked up to him and many promoters hated and feared him. He was devoted to his friends and merciless to his enemies. In the dying days of the territory system in professional wrestling, Bruiser Brody was the last traveling superstar. He drew crowds every place he worked. While the WWF steamrolled across the country with a national product in the mid-1980's, hiring all the top wrestlers from each territory, independent promoters packed their houses by putting Bruiser Brody on their cards.

Bruiser Brody takes the reader through the life of Frank Goodish with stories from his childhood friends and family, through his college years and semi-pro football career, on into his wrestling career and his reinvention of himself as Bruiser Brody, right up to his untimely death in July 1988. It takes many voices to tell the exciting, sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking story of the tumultuous life of wrestling's #1 outlaw. There are contradictions and refutations, there is love and damnation, laughter and tears, but when asked about Bruiser Brody no one was without an opinion.


“A masterful idea, masterfully executed, therefore, a veritable masterpiece … a difficult subject, but
approached in an intelligent and searching fashion that tells the reader a ton of stuff he likely never
knew about Goodish/Brody.”
— J Michael Kenyon

“He had an air about him that got him over almost everywhere he went. On the other hand, he took
advantage of that attitude, too. If you were in the ring with him, if you didn’t have the guts to cut him
off, he’d just eat you alive.”
— Harley Race, former NWA world heavyweight champion

“He was feared by all the fans. And I’ll tell you what. There were a lot of guys in the locker room who
were scared of Bruiser Brody. He was a bad dude.”
— Lance Russell, legendary Memphis wrestling announcer

written by Emerson Murray
edited by Scott Teal
foreward by Stan Hansen

Published by Crowbar Press
ISBN: 978-0-9745545-5-6

8"x8" Perfect Bound
222 Pages
165 B&W photographs
38 full color photographs
cover photograph by Scott Romer